Friday, August 5, 2011

Romanch in Mount Abu, Romance in Udaipur, Part 2

Day 2 – Mount Abu and Udaipur (Into the Wild)

This is the 2nd part of my journey to Mount Abu and Udaipur.

Being an ardent wild life lover, I decided to spend my most of the time on 2nd day of my journey in to the wild. Travor's Tank was my destination. Mount Abu is just perfect for walking into wilderness. There is a ticket of 50 bucks for self driving vehicle plus entry fee. I also hired a guide for 200 bucks that was proved to be a good move. The guide was well aware with the core areas of forest and even more willing to go on least walked tracks.

Travor's Tank, Mount Abu
He led me to some 5 km inside the prohibited area that was really scary.

In to the wild
We saw some fresh pug marks and a roar of panther very nearby. We were just two, alone in the forest with obviously no arms to defend ourselves.

Pug marks and I also heard a roar very near to me
This place was also dangerous because of large number of bears. Guide told me that there are around 450 bears inside this forest and since the circumference of forest area is not much so density of wild animals is much high.

In the core area

How dense it was !
At this point we were around 4 km inside the forest
Guide also showed me some fruits that bear like to eat most and there were lot of places which was freshly dug by them. Altogether it was quite an experience to feel a chill in bones but I would certainly not want to repeat it.

The caves inside the forest
He was watching all the activity lazily
Wild Rabbit
 The sky was again full of clouds otherwise we could have more luck to see wild beasts. I been to Jim Corbett, Ranthambhore and Sariska earlier but the kind of feel this forest gave me was unparallel. It seems to be a perfect place to shoot Jurassic Park 4.

Can you see that black rocky patch, the rabbit pic was clicked there
After that I visited Dilwara Jain Temple. Photography is not allowed here so no pictures.

Finally it was time to have lunch for which I went to 'Jodhpur Bhojanalaya', which is highly recommended for their Rajasthani Thali. 

From Mount Abu there are just two options of public transport for Udaipur. There is a single private bus which starts at 3.30 PM otherwise the roadways bus will go at 7 PM and reach Udaipur at 12. Since there is a single private bus to Udaipur and so many booking agents are operating, so it’s a wise move to book your ticket well in advance.

After spending two exciting days in Abu I started my journey for Udaipur, the 'Venice of East', which was also proved unforgettable. 

Continued in Part 3...

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