Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ray of hope

When I was a child I used to like “Republic Day” parade more than the “Independence Day” parade. What attracted me most were the arm force displays of modern warfare and the colorful presentation of different states. It made me feel powerful and I used to think that with this much ammunition no country would be dared to fight against us.

After many years of adolescent, right after Independence Day parade, I again witnessed, probably the most significant power of our country, right in the heart of the capital i.e. “we the people of India”.

The “Ramlila Maidan” that hosted the 12 days long fast of Gandhian Anna Hazare and witnessed the most significant non violent movement of independent India was indeed the grand exhibition of our great culture, our aspiration, our anger and most importantly our rise against our own negligence.

It looks like one of the rarest occasion when “India” stood side-by-side with “Bharat” for the same cause. However many people in ground were not aware about the root causes that why they were there? For school children it was more like school bunking, many hooligans were there for TV cameras which were present in its full form, and for few it was a grand exhibition to express them creatively as there were so many captive audience to listen. Everybody had its own reason, few were angry due to unemployment, few were from corruption, but undeniably it was a common belief that, here they will get answers to their all problems.

The real display of this power made everybody excited more than the sleepy, monotonous “Independence Day” speech which is more like a ritual now. It may not be possible to end corruption with one law but at-least a hope has been emerged among all that, we can stood again and again till it’s required.

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