Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Me Anna Aahe

This was something which I have never done before. A typical middle class mentality to not come out of my comfort zone, pseudo intellectualism that gets excited in drawing room discussion only, and blaming everyone besides self to our problems, considering rallies, agitation etc for those who actually participate in voting during elections and dreams that one day this country will change forever.

First non-political mass moment after independence

Self motivated, disciplined mass

Anger from the core of the heart

I use to say that “nothing can be happen with this country”. And I had strong reason to believe that. Every political party is deeply drawn in corruption and a political class has been evolved, that want to protect their legacy for them and for their future generations forever. Since 1947, the world has changed a lot and even India started changing after 1991, but how to catalyze this whole process of positive change?  Who is out there to listen? Answer was clear, nobody!

Gandhian Anna Hazare

New mantras to nation
System can be improved only if we all willing to follow the rules and there must be strict regulation and a strong monitoring agency to make sure that nobody, who deceive it, will be spared.

Kiran Bedi taking "Anna ki Pathshala"

Anna ke Arjun: Arvind Kezriwal

Walking towards Ramlila ground that too on Sunday and more surprisingly it was my third visit, to rebuild my faith towards my own nation; I was full of pride and anger with those who are still weighing their options for a safe exit due to their long time faith that public memory lives for a short duration.

Among several incidents where I forced to pay bribe the most irritating one is with my postman. Whether it is my job confirmation letter or an innocent rakhi from my sister every time he used to ask some money. I had paid for my driving license, and to one, who came for my passport verification, the list is endless and there was no hope to get out of this.

Volunteers at their best

The movement caught the attention of entire world

But suddenly this miracle happens and a 73 year old modern Gandhi came to save us. A remarkable team or say crusaders against corruption started in a way that entire nation mobilized in disciplined manner which is quite unique for a movement which primarily aims to bring change. It’s the moral authority of Anna Ji that self-motivated nation is now impatient to get its long term due.

Biggest festival in the history of independent India

Age no bar
I request to all, who are still in Manmohan Singh mode (synonym for silent mode), just come out and support this movement in every way they can, because this is now or never.

Arjun Award winners in support of Anna Ji


  1. Very well Written. pics are to good.
    if you wouldn't mind, I want to show this page in my blog, with showing you in courtesy.
    I couldn't go at spot because of my office's busy schedule, but I supported through internet.

  2. Thanks Vinay Bhai for liking the post. You can off-course use it in any way you like. Its good to know that you also supported the movement. I went there every alternate day and today I'll also update that historic moment when Anna Ji breaks his fast.