Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miracle Happens!

Miracle Happens! You just need to be at the right place.

This all I can say after visiting this one of the most incredible holy place situated in the beautiful Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. I heard about “Jwala-ji” through one of my friend, and it made me curious to see that divine flame which is continuously burning since hundreds of years, without any external input. It’s unbelievable but true.

On 16th day of March 2010, I decided to pay my homage to this incredible place of worship. I took Himachal Express from Old Delhi Railway Station to Una, and thereafter roadways bus to “Chitpurni Devi”.

It is believed that you must visit to “Chitpurni Mata” before “Jwala-ji” in-order to fulfill your wishes. It was around 3 hour journey from Una to “Chitpurni Devi”. If you plan to continue your journey immediately after temple visit, as it was in my case, then you can take a Dharamshala which is readily available at something 150 bucks.

Don’t forget to take a visitor slip, available at the starting point, which you need to deposit before entering into the temple. The Prasad is available across the length of the route which is something 500 odd meters from the temple. Devotees from all walks of life and from the length and breadth of the country wait patiently chanting the name of the goddess. Under tight security arrangement you can only take a glimpse of the statue but still it is worth it as those moments fulfill all your wishes which you ask with pure heart. There are plenty of statues of different gods and goddesses around the main shrine that one can visit.

Going to Jwala Ji
By 12 I finished my prayer and took a bus for “Jwala-ji” which is another 35 odd km from there. It is on the lower hill side and took around two and a half hour for complete journey. “Jwala-ji” temple is a place where you can actually feel divine power in the surrounding. A continuously burning holy flames right through the cave walls is just unbelievable.

Jwala Ji entrance gate
Akbar ka Chatra
Pay your homage and ask for your wishes with true and pure heart and it will eventually get fulfill in due course of time that’s what I feel regarding my queries. Right in front of the temple there is a bus stand where you can take your seat for Places like Una, Chandigarh or for upper hills like nearest tourist place Mcleodganj.

This kind of journey is not necessarily sole searching type or essentially for religious purpose but sometimes it just restore our faiths in ourselves and in that divine power, when we feel someone is just needed to listen with extra care and extraordinary power.

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