Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sariska Tiger Reserve

For wild life enthusiast Sariska is one of the closest Tiger Reserve near Delhi. If you too are feeling trapped in your daily hustle and tussle then this can be a great daybreak from Delhi. On the last weekend of March my travel companion and buddy Ravinder and I decided to give a shot to Sariska, as the summer is already testing our nerves and in few days it would be impossible to visit Rajasthan.

We started at 1 in the night from Ghaziabad and took the root of Gurgaon – Sohna – Nooh – Firozpur Zirak – Alwar – Sariska. Total 240 Km from Ghaziabad. Although the road was in really bad shape, sometimes you force to drive at 20kmph, but still less crowded in night so somehow we managed to reach Alwar by 5 in the morning.

On the way to Sariska there is Alwar written in Hollywood style in a large rock. We couldn’t resist ourselves to pose there. From there it took another one hour to Sariska. Just before Sariska there are few dhabas where you can get crispy onion parantha for 15 bucks per piece, little costly but worth it and nice hot tea to rejuvenate from the heck of long drive.

The reception area is nearby the entry of the park and it costs just 150 bucks for two persons including car. We entered with great enthusiasm but somehow got unlucky till few minutes because in Sariska you are just allowed to drive through the main road, but as the wild has no sense for traffic so they obviously get themselves busy inside. Finally we decided to go in core areas in so called kachha rashta (with due apology to concerned authorities).

There lies the true beauty.  A group of deer mingling with peacocks in the same pool of water. A Saambhar visited to pose for us irrespective of hot weather. Another core area and there was 5 to 7 Saambhars drinking water probably after their afternoon nap.

After 10 km roughly the road divided into two ways, one goes to Pandupole and another to Kalighat. Firstly we choose the Kalighat root but after few kilometers didn’t find it interesting, so went back to Pandupole road, which is a real worth. At the end point there is an ancient Hanuman Temple but the way itself was awesome. We encountered with a group of wild pigs and an army of langoors. The landscape was so beautiful that you can even think to hire a room for few days if provided.

We back around 2 when nothing much was left to do. Another great news is that, they even allow two-wheeler inside the park. Sariska to Alwar is a great fun drive with picturesque mountains and scenic beauty spread all across.

This time we took the root of Sariska – Alwar – Kisangarh – Tijara – Bhiwadi - NH24 to Gurgaon, total again 200 km roughly. Overall it was an unforgettable experience, which will cherish our memory forever.

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