Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India's most haunted place

It all started with an idea to visit some off-beat destination around Delhi. Google search leads to an image of Bhangarh ruins that claims to be India’s most haunted place. Great! I goggled more and it appears to have a potential of a good day trip.

Bhangarh ruins
Around 5 in the morning we started from Ghaziabad. The Jaipur highway is just too good for drive, hit it before dawn and savor the sunrise en-route. We drove around 200 odd kms then turned to Thana-Gazhi.


From here it was right turn for Ajabgarh that leads to Bhangarh. Second round of pleasant drive will start from NH-8 to Thana-Gazhi, with rugged mountain en-route. From here till Ajabgarh road was really in bad shape, although construction was going on so one can hope good road in future. After that it was a memorable drive. Landscape was so unique that we enjoyed the drive most. One can get feeling of some haunted place. If you find anybody en-route don’t hesitate to ask the way and also pay detail attention to signboards.

Lone drive
Finally we reached the fort by 2 PM. I inquired to parking staff about any mischievous presence or something but he replied negatively. I asked about night arrangement but he replied that he can be with us till 12 in the night and then we have to manage our own, that obviously we can't.

Some first hand idea

Isn't it amazing

Now we started our introspection to each and every ruins to find something roguish, but didn’t get anything of that short. Although a negative energy was there in the environment. Probably they shifted somewhere else due to increasing foot-falls.

The place was crowded due to Sunday...although not in pic
A Temple was also there...
I too deserve one image of mine
Something could be there...
We came,see and conquered
A distant keep them away
About to leave now...
 After 3 hours we started back through a different route this time i.e Thana Gazhi-Sariska Tiger Reserve-Alwar-Shahpura-Behror-Gurgaon-Delhi. This route was again great for driving.

Drive carefully in Sariska

In evening we had famous snacks of Alwar i.e pyaj-kachauri and get packed some Kalakand (called palang-tod by locals). Finally before hitting Delhi we had usual Rajasthani Dinner i.e gatte ki Sabzi, missi roti and dal-bati choorma.

Overall it was a great fun drive and a day well spend.

Check the rest of the pics on "Picasa Web Streaming".

Thanks for reading. 

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